What is Silver Swans?

These classes are designed for the over-55s but there are no age limits (upper or lower) as we are open to all. The classes are all-inclusive, meaning that they are low impact, with no big jumps or fast turns, which means they are also suitable for starting exercise for the first time or coming back to it after an injury has healed.  I teach each exercise slowly to ensure all participants are happy and confident in what we are doing. All particpants work at their own pace and I provide progressive options so that everyone is suitably challenged but comfortable. Although gentle on joints, these classes are still incredibly strengthening and are excellent at improving core strength, poise, posture, flexibility and balance. 

Some of the benefits shared with me by the Swans that I teach:

"I have only been coming for a couple of months and I can already feel my balance improving and I feel less likely to fall in my day-to-day life, which is a wonderful feeling!"

"I just love my Silver Swans class. It is an hour to myself, where I forget everything going on outside and all the things I need to do and I just dance."

"I always walk out of class feeling about an inch taller, a whole lot lighter and like I am floating down the street with a big smile on my face!"

"I can see the difference in my shape already"

"The great thing about the class is that I know it works our brains as well as our bodies."

All classes last for one hour and include a warm-up, barre work, centre work and sometimes an adapted piece of repertoire, from one of the famous ballets.

The classes are light-hearted, friendly and welcoming. We all have a laugh, enjoy a chat and share information on ballets we have seen or may wish to see. 

Some participants have lots of ballet experience and ability while others are complete beginners or are returning to ballet for the first time since they were children. Some people have chronic conditions or new hips or new knees (or older hips and older knees!) and I work with everyone to ensure they are enjoying the class and dancing safely.

If you have any questions at all or would like to discuss whether the classes are right for you, please do give me a call on 07920 181454 or email enquiries@inceptiondance.co.uk